I thank everyone who left a reviews on my books, good or bad, I except them all, it helps me grow as a writer. I'm proud of all my reviews, and thought you might like to read, some of them but unfortunately I'm like a big kid with a hand full of lollipops who can't just lick one. How could a man chose just a few? So I ask my special lady in my life to pick them for me.....bahahaha

 Vampire: Desires of Blood

 Erotic Paranormal like you've never read 2 thumbs up!, March 29, 2016
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This review is from: Vampire: Desires of Blood (Kindle Edition)
OH MY, I am not sure what I expected when I got this book but I know after reading it I was very surprised and can't wait for book 2 of the series. Vampire is not your typical paranormal book. It's an erotic love story with a good bit of humor thrown in.

This book is the story of Royce Bellamy, a vampire who is over 1000 years old. Royce is sexy, funny, a daywalker (meaning he can walk in the sunlight) and craves sex. He is an elite member of the New York Police Dept. as well. The story takes you back to when Royce was turned and brings you along his journey. Royce has seen and felt it all, including the pain and sorry of losing his wife and children. During his time he has turned only three humans into vampires (known as his children) they are Lucinda who is a Sorceress, Magenta who is a Witch, and Dahlia who is a Fallen Angel. Royce enjoys a strange relationship with these three as they call him father as he is there maker however he is also their lover. The 4 of them have a very erotic tale to tell and share a very special connection. But as all children do, they all eventually head out on their own. Royce meets his current Human lover Beth Ann who works as an ADA and is in Love with Royce. Beth wants Royce to change her so they can spend eternity with each other. Royce cares a great deal for Beth Ann and wants no other but he doesn't believe that a vampire can feel love so he refuses to turn her because he doesn't want Beth not to know and feel Love. But Crap hit's the fan when Beth Ann finds out about his children and their wild lifestyle when Lucinda show up one day needing Royce's help. One more crazy bump in the life of Royce Bellamy. The story that follows is a funny, erotic yet mysterious tale.

Trust me you don't want to miss this one. It’s not like any
paranormal book you have or ever will read. 2 Thumbs up for a start of what looks to be great series.                 

A Man of Honor

Romance Suspense all rolled into one!, June 30, 2016

This review is from: A Man of Honor (Kindle Edition)
This is my first read from this Author and so glad I found him.

Man of Honor was a great read, it was suspenseful, loving, sexy and damn hot. US Marshall Dominic Esposito is a hard working man and has had some issues with his past love life. Not feeling very good about himself he meets a younger red headed spitfire and the chemistry is top notch. Shauna allows Dominic to explore some of his desires that he has always been made to feel ashamed about. With Shauna at his side she encourages him and helps to introduce him to more desires together.

He continues to deal with his stressful and extremely dangerous career and is placed in a position to protect Shauna from some seriously dangerous criminals. this book was full of suspense and left me waiting to read faster and hoping everyone was going to be alright.

With the suspense and tender moments combined together this story is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who likes a suspenseful romance with some steamy scenes. I look forward to reading more from this author.

I received an ARC in exchange for an HONEST REVIEW for Rockstar Book Muse

The Taming of Molly Jerkins

Loved this book!, May 28, 2016
This review is from: The Taming of Molly Jenkins (Kindle Edition)
Have you ever read something and the writing is just so beautiful you have to just sit and take a breath? Ethan Radcliff writes in the most amazing colors. The writing is superb and will pull you in immediately...but the story will keep you reading all night..if your going to start the taming be ready to finish. It a sexy fun story with characters you will fall for from the get go... I don't do spoilers but this is a hot love story between two lovers that just need to do a little communicating to make there relationship work. This is a must read!


Sometime Poet: The Erotic Edge Poetry.

To Be Late - My Erotic Fate, December 28, 2014
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This review is from: Sometime Poet: The Erotic Edge Poetry (Kindle Edition)
THIS WAS GREAT !! My husband and I read a lot of these together !! Of course my hubby loved all the mention of tongues and spreading legs !! I started reading them on my own and then read so many things I knew my hubby would love to hear so I kept making him read more !! We had fun and getting my hubby to read anything makes it 5 star for me !!!!!! Ethan has a way with words and these poems are just a piece of what he can do , I am definitely interested in reading more from him. I was lucky to get this book for FREE but if you like poetry or just love anything erotic this is definitely worth the money !! I can't even choose a favorite but I know My Tongue was phenomenal !! The moral of the story in My Tie was also priceless !! You know you want to know what I am talking about !!
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