Desires of Blood Series

Simone Book 5

Beautiful, deadly and deceitful Simone has re-entered Royce Bellamy’s life. She’s his maker, the vampire who turned him. With her comes her lover of the moment, Grayson a deadly vampire-shifter. Simone’s got a date with the devil, she’s promised to help him.
Meet Lucian, the devil, who every few thousand years, tries to gain entrance to the world above. This time, he’s hoping to rule what he’s been forbidden. But Simone gets bored far too easily and Grayson’s not taking the bone Lucian’s thrown him.
Enter Cross, a vampire hunter who encounters Simone as she’s fleeing hell. She oozes sex and takes the vampire hunter to her bed. He’ll never be the same. Begin the journey. Read the series, Desire of Blood: Vampire, Warlock, Jackal, and Shapeshifter.

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Charade Book 6

Some say the night brings out the evil in men. Do we forget the evil in women?

Deadly and beautiful, Charade is on a mission. Taken on her eighteenth birthday and given immortality, she weeps for her stolen youth. Royce tries to stop Charade from her reign of terror but falls prey to the blood lust. After all, they are vampires, creatures who crave the blood of others.

With a heavy heart, Royce joins his sister in her carnal rampage, hoping he can put a stop to her desires of blood. Now in the twenty-first century, he seeks her help insisting she become his kind of vampire: loyal, trusting and almost human. He never thought his request would hold such consequences and nearly destroy her.

Charade is the sixth book in the series Desires of Blood.

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