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A Sometime Poet the erotic edge

have amassed hundreds of poems over the years and since I have begun this journey as a writer I have written hundreds. I have numerous muses who haunt me day and night and one of my muses thinks in prose, he drives me crazy.
There is no other way to thank all of you for your support and friendship. So here is over sixty poems that are erotic in nature. It’s how I think. Yes Licks even though some may be offended it’s become a term of genuine affection. These poems maybe a one handed reading experience. Hehe.

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Licks and kisses the Erotic Poetry of Ethan Radcliff

Licks and Kisses is Ethan Radcliff's second book of poetry. Here again he's presenting his fans with erotic poetry, BDSM poetry, romantic poetry and heart felt prose. Take another journey with him. He never disappoints. Thank you for reading what is in his head and heart.

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Down and Dirty Prose

Once again Ethan Radcliff delights us with another poetry book. It's chock full of naughtiness, spice, and romantic poetry. Let him fill your mind with his words. There will be many personal favorites in this first volume. Yes, this is the first volume, there will be another in 2017. Thank you.

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Standing Room Only

And, he's done it again. The poetry of Ethan is sexy, hot, dark and fun. Enter his mind experience his desires, needs and wants. With each poem, see the visual he achieves. This is his fourth book of prose and it's here to purely arouse and entertain you.

***Adult content****

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